Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Dream Business

Why Adkash is the dream business?
Simply because there are no sales, or a required  monthly volume, earnings are residual and perpetual, free for users and affiliates, viral dissemination and FREE downloading apps.

The application is now available from Google Play for any Android Smartphone. The download is completely free.

ADKASH pays to the users to receive targeted advertising and high quality ads in its own Android phones, each time they receive a call, sms or mms.

The benefits to its users and members, profits with its users and affiliates, thanks to a pay per clicksystem like Google Ads.For each incoming call, sms or mms user earns up to 5 cents.When he accumulates 10 US$ receivesa branded AdKash Debit Card.

Affiliates can invite users or affiliates to install AdKash App,and earn on all the apps installed by all their network of usersand affiliate UP TO 1 US$ per APP / WEEK.

Step by Step Guide!
1. Have an Android Smartphone
2. Have to register to have a username and password
you do here in Register Now!

3. You download the application from Google Play or Play Store from this link
Click here to download the application now.

4. Once downloaded put your username and password and you're done!
5. It begins Earn money ($) just for answering your phone! WOW

For info email me at:

The video email as a communication tool and to work

Thanks for visiting my blog. How often have we heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Can you imagine to  be possible to communicate through e-mail not only with letters but also with images? Did you know that in 2010 were sent 107 trillion emails? And each year it adds 500 million new users? Well if you look at all this imagine that e-mail communication is part of our daily lives and has become an indispensable tool of everyday work.

But there is more, email evolves every day and now gives us the ability to incorporate video, images, to this form of communication. With an added incentive, a link you will see the video itself and it is the message. The video email is suitable for personal communication, to address our friends, but it seems more useful where today is as a marketing tool. The trust that is transmitted in the presentation of a product or service with the image of the seller, it is obviously much greater than if some lyrics that speak to us directly. The language is real, we can analyze the tone and expressions of our interlocutor. And it is true for the traditional business and also for the Network Marketing. Use it to sell your product but also to maintain direct contact with your team of distributors and customers.

In addition, video-email brings other tools that come to enhance their power. A video-responder that help us to respond quickly and prepared to our interlocutor indicating what our next step is.

Choose the video-email in your way of communication. It is an affordable way for people with a disability that prevents you from reading or writing. It is a direct and especially in business is the formula for selling your products and services more effectively.

Why It Is Important To Have Your Business Online?

I do not know exactly why you want to create a venture online. In my particular case as I expressed in more than one occasion, was due mainly to better manage and own my time.
A few years ago literally I lived to work, but I gained quite well but I did not have almost time for me or for my family as happens to many people today.

Perhaps you're interested in a business to start for only economical reasons and if it is like that is perfect. Earning money and even good money with an online business is not at all impossible, neither difficult to implement it.

Basically it depends of what you want to do for example: You have a website with great content and sell advertising space on it, you can create and sell products on it.  Even all of the above are also available if you know how to implement it correctly.

Definitely not having an online business is to stop making money or worse, that others may benefit from the result of you not taking action.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Direct Sales And Its Techniques

When it comes to direct sales are referring to the marketing of products and services through personal contact between a seller and a consumer.. But not only this, because only with this statement you  would not see the differences between direct sales and sale-traditional system which is the relationship established between the seller of the product and the company that owns it and is independent. There is not an employee  and their compensation is in the form of commissions and incentives,also is agreed based on their sales volume.

Direct selling also has a singularity and that occurs through personal contact and usually independent sellers 'perform' in the comfort of your home making it your own workplace. That is why this type of system is called 'relationship marketing' because it is based on personal relationships and recommendation of a product.

The different formulas used for direct selleres to the consumer:

- The "Face to Face". Is the work usually make by Avon, working with a sales catalog provided by the company and each representative sellsit to his circle of contacts.

- The "Party Plan" is the formula choose by companies like Mary Kay. The sale in this case, takes place in a home, either the seller or someone who knows take his circle of friends to know the product and buy it.

- The "Show Room" formula has been used for years by companies related to the real estate world. It is customary in selling Timeshares.

-   The "Network Marketing" seeks profits not only on sales made ​​directly from the seller but also in generating a network of people under him which he himself created.

The"social networks"-mostly-facebook right now is the most used to create a network of contacts that are then offered products. In this sense, and thanks to the evolution of new technologies, such as blogs, web sites and even video-emails are good to offering products that can only be purchased directly.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wor(l)d GMN is a network business that is based on mobile technologies. The company has been operating since May of 2011 and is constantly growing and increasing its market share. At present, there are people, working for the company, who has already earned more than $1,000,000.00, or received BMW car from the company. You have the unique opportunity to promote this business in the English speaking countries. As of now, Wor(l)d is present in Russian, Spanish and French speaking countries, but the company is only beginning its operations in the English speaking countries. Right now we have offices in New York City and Miami. I'll gladly provide you with any necessary information relating to this business via Skype or e-mail. Wor(l)d is an opportunity to earn with the help of mobile technologies.

get more info  world gmn adkash or contact me directly on

Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Know If World Gmn Adkash Opportunity Is Legit or a Scam

World Gmn Adkash scam! That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw World Gmn Adkash I was very skeptical about it because it made some pretty good claims to earn money and the only mobile advertising industry.  

In this powerful review of World Gmn Adkash we are going to uncover the 3 things that you must look at to know if World Gmn Adkash is Legit or a Scam...

The first question you must always ask when looking at a product of MLM opportunity is the product itself. Is this a great opportunity that you would feel good about sharing with you friends or is it just another fooling ad?

The best way to find out if World Gmn Adkash is a legitimate product is to try it for yourself and give it to a few people that you trust and see if they have positive results from using the Adkash App. If you feel that it is a good product and something you are passionate about then by all means share it with others.
World Gmn Adkash users received ads directly on their own cell phone, and it pays each time a user
 receive a call or a sms/mms.

The second question that you must ask is does the company provide good leadership with integrity and honesty? Who is behind the company? Do they have a positive track record or have they been a little shady in the past? Do they even have any type of experience in the industry? These are all things you must know because you don't want to build up a big organization to loose it because the owners couldn't keep up the company.

The third aspect that want to look into is will your enroller help you in your business? It is crucial to know that the people above you in the business will be there to assist you and answer your prospects questions while you are getting started. They aren't going to do it for you, but make sure that they are available to help you with calls and marketing.

In my personal experience I download the FREE APP from World Gmn Adkash into my cell phone and has been giving me results and more important great money. World Gmn Adkash is a great opportunity it is not a scam. As I reviewed the company I found the leadership to be solid and have experienced by myself great things about the mobile APP so I would give this company a thumbs up!

As you may or may not know, World Gmn Adkash  is really for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level and generate a massive number of highly targeted leads, who wants to generate MORE money and sponsor more people into their biz, and who wants to have access to the most proven, cutting edge online AND offline opportunity available on the Internet.

 You have found that it isn't a scam then go for it! To discover the powerful system that I use to build my business and teach others to make money the easy way check out : World Gmn Adkash and Adkash